6 Keys to Building a Long and Healthy Relationship

In the beginning of a relationship, both men and women are excited at the prospect of a new companion. The chase, the romance, the exhilaration is new, fresh and exciting, so how do we maintain the fire through the years?  Most of us have seen or known a couple whose love has stood the test of time. These couples have spent 20, 40, even 60 years with one another and through time have built a long, healthy relationship. What is their secret? How do they do it?

There are many aspects to building a strong relationship, and all relationships go through highs and lows that challenge them. Each marriage or relationship is just as unique as the people involved. As long time provider of couples counseling in Bethesda, MD, we have compiled six crucial steps for couples to build a long and healthy relationship.

1. Trust

Trust is a funny concept for many people to understand. On the baseline, most of us assume Continue reading

What Personality Assessments Can Do For You

Personality assessment tests can help people in Bethesda, MD focus by getting to know their strengths and working on identifiable weaknesses. They can help you develop a new approach to work, relationships and every aspect of your life.

Understanding the patterns and unconscious decisions you make every day is good for long-term planning. If you plan on changing careers, for instance, this self-information can help you plot out your future. Anyone who wants to re-examine their direction and refocus their working goals can benefit from personality assessments. Continue reading

Should We Seek Marriage Counseling?

There are many people who will stay in an unhappy marriage until their resentment grows so much that they feel the only choice they have is to file for divorce. They don’t let their partner know how unhappy they are and they continue to live life in this pattern hoping that something will instantly change. On the other hand, there are the ones who will try to make the marriage work before they cut their losses and leave. Those are the problem solvers who feel they owe it to their marriage and their partner to try and find a solution to the reoccurring problems before they give up. The one thing these two different types of people have in common is they rarely seek marriage counseling. Maintaining your marriage and solving the problems within that marriage takes time, patience and skills – skills that few people actually come equipped with. This is why it’s best to enlist the help of a marriage counselor to bring new insight to the relationship and find ways to solve problems. Here are the top five benefits that couples receive from martial counseling, according to Bethesda marriage counselor Wilfried Busse. Continue reading

How to Manage Adult ADHD

Getting help for adult ADHD and ADD doesn’t have to be embarrassing or a hassle. According to Forbes, it’s not uncommon for adults – especially women – to develop ADHD later in life. If you have recently been diagnosed with ADHD, here are a few tips from Bethesda psychologist Wilfried Busse to help you to get a handle on your new diagnosis. Continue reading