Great guidance for Family.

Dr. Busse is a professionally competent therapist who is also personally engaging and responsive. He can address a vast variety of age, cultural and behavioral problems with skill and sensitivity. My family has all benefited from his creative and consistent modeling and guidance. We have recommended him to friends who have agreed with assessment. Do yourself a favor and give him a call. You’ll feel better.

Nicholas J.

Consistent guidance and great staff.

As a current patient, I concur wholeheartedly with the previous reviewer in re Dr. Busse’s immense amount of skill and sensitivity. I’d add that he’s one of the most brilliant, yet most humble, people -- let alone doctors -- whom I’ve ever met. He has consistently demonstrated the flexibility to tailor his therapy to an individual’s specific needs with perfectly graceful competence and aplomb. I’ll comment on each of the above criteria: *Staff*: Dr. Busse’s assistant, Esky, is sweet and friendly, welcoming, and a very efficient, intelligent aide. *Punctuality*: I’m the one with the punctuality problem...yet Dr. Busse is always ready and waiting to see me, and never with judgment. *Helpfulness*: Times a million. Let’s just say I might be dead without his wisdom. *Knowledge*: Beautifully brilliant mind, and this applies not just to his craft, but beyond. I’ve run out of characters, but I absolutely, unequivocally recommend Dr. Busse as the premier practitioner in the DC area.

Cheryl T.

Competent and Thoughtful Therapist

Dr. Busse is a very thorough and interested therapist. He spends extra time learning about the concerns you bring and will always be professional in his dealings and assessments. He is insightful and extremely intelligent with his approach. You always feel in control and listened to. He is one of the most well-rounded and capable therapists in the area. It would be worth a try to give him a call. I recommend him fully.

A’lisa A.

Patient, empathetic, and effective.

I found Dr. Busse at a very complicated place in my life. I had just returned from my second tour overseas and couldn’t figure out how I fit into civilian life. Everything just felt wrong. Dr. Busse was patient, empathetic, and – most importantly – effective. Dr. Busse helped me find new direction in my life. I would recommend him to anyone struggling.

Devon S.

Professional and ethical therapist.

Dr. Busse is a very professional and ethical therapist. He is personable and attentive while still being profoundly insightful. This was the easiest and most satisfying counseling experience I’ve had. He is careful with emotional and family boundaries but can dig you out of a stuck spot with genuine sincerity. He has been a big help to me. I would go back again should the need arise.

William C.


Dr. Busse has been amazing...very intelligent, thoughtful, and as importantly, warm and compassionate. This is a more interactive therapy than I've been in--quite a difference from my past experience in therapy. In short, I am grateful to have a therapist of Dr. Busse’s caliber.

Bethesda Resident
Bethesda, MD

By the time I asked for help I was so overwhelmed by stress and anxiety that my major reaction was one of fear and exhaustion. Through his therapeutic questioning and reframing and use of EMDR, I found lifelines out of my emotional tunnel. Today, even though fear is sometimes still part of the landscape, my ability to create and live in a broader reality has returned.

Joan J.
Bethesda, MD

Dr. Busse employs a rich array of approaches which include EMDR for trauma work, thoughtful reflective questions, coupled with his compassion and skill in creating an open, safe and structured environment.

Bethesda Area

Initially, I had my doubts about EMDR and its ability to help with my problems dating back to childhood and a very dysfunctional family. I’m still a believer after 6 months because I no longer have the intense “cringe reactions” and queasy feelings I used to have before I discovered EMDR!

Kensington Resident
Kensington, MD

Dr. Busse is an awesome therapist. He is warm, generous, and encouraging. When I discovered that my husband was having an affair and no longer wanted to be with me, I was devastated. The pain, the shame and the lack of strength to start all over again was overwhelming. I am glad I found the help I needed in Dr. Busse's therapy.

Bethesda Area

Early childhood experiences that exacerbated decades of marital misunderstanding and conflict finally produced the depression that we presented to Dr. Busse. We had tried a number of approaches previously, but they only provided a band-aid over an underlying boil. In Dr. Busse we were very fortunate to find a therapist who was willing and able to understand both the sources and implications of our situation. His wise and gentle use of multiple techniques, including EMDR, gradually helped us do what had not been done before – to expose and understand both the sources and solutions of seemingly intractable problems.

Maryland Couple
Bethesda Area

We were desperate to find a marriage counselor who would not just see my husband as an irresponsible freeloader or worse. He has a pretty severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder and it affects everything in our lives together. We appreciate Dr. Busse because he was able to separate out what is ADD and what is not, how my husband can change and what limitations we have to accept. Things are still very tough but it helps so much to have a more clear direction, thanks to Dr. Busse.

Desperate Couple
Bethesda Area

My wife and I are in our early eighties and I never thought I would ever seek out a marriage counselor after years of believing we should be able to solve our own problems. But we lucked out with Dr. Busse who helped me understand my wife’s mental illness and how it affected our relationship. But what really counted was that my wife took to Dr. Busse almost right away and she was open to his advice and direction and well, life just seems a lot better.

Elderly Couple
Rockville, MD