Can CBT help address spiritual issues

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Can CBT Methods Help Individuals Who Are Dealing With Spiritual Issues?

The cognitive behavioral therapy methods used by Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D. can be used to help clients address spiritual issues. A licensed psychologist of over 15 years, Dr. Busse also has a Masters Degree in Religion. His interest in the subject has led him to note that many therapists and counseling professionals ignore the idea that spiritual matters are connected to and interwoven with the psychological well-being of clients. In his psychotherapy practice, Dr. Busse used methods based in CBT including EMDR to provide trauma treatment, PTSD therapy, anxiety treatment, stress management counseling and more. While the spiritual component of these and other issues is often ignored by traditional psychological methods, Dr. Busse chooses to address that side as well. He welcomes clients who see their psychological and spiritual issues as connected, and who want to approach therapy with this in mind.  

Psychologist Wilfried Busse, Ph.D. has always been fascinated with and convinced of the spiritual link to the psychological issues many of us face. While many traditional therapy providers often refer clients to their priests, ministers or pastoral counselors, Dr. Busse is happy to address spiritual issues with those who wish to address them. Look to him for:

  • Christian counseling (interdenominational orientation)
  • Treatment of spiritual identity issues
  • Treatment of spiritual issues to help clients with mindfulness, meditation and relaxation
  • Treatment of spiritual issues in connection with such issues as behavior modification, weight loss counseling, etc.

Dr. Busse’s approach to treatment incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy methods and seeks to establish a collaborative partnership between client and therapist. His willingness to address spiritual issues with clients who wish to is another way in which that partnership and working relationship can be strengthened. If spirituality is part of what makes you a person, it makes no sense to separate it from the psychological issues you wish you address. Dr. Busse’s interest and training makes him the perfect choice for those wishing to address spiritual issues during psychotherapy. 

Call Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D. today to schedule your free initial consultation. Using a combination of CBT-based methods while also addressing the spiritual issues at play in your situation is nothing new to Dr. Busse. As a psychologist who sees the connection between the psychological and the spiritual, he is uniquely positioned to help you seek the type of therapy you’ll feel most comfortable with. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.





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