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Career Development and Coaching for Washington, DC Professionals

Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D. offers career counseling for those in the Washington, D.C. area who desire a career they feel passionately about. Career planning via counseling may be a new concept to you, but it has proven to be a very effective tool for those interested in professional development. Career coaching offers you the opportunity to make an honest assessment of where you are professionally, and what you need to do to forge a career that is authentic and rewarding to you. As a therapist with nearly two decades of experience, Wilfried Dr. Busse has helped countless professionals to identify their fundamental needs from their career and uncover new paths to professional fulfillment, goal setting, and more. We should all take an interest in career development so that we may continue to grow, and Dr. Busse can help you to make your career path an inspiring one that promotes internal growth.


It is possible for each and every one of us to find a career that is fulfilling and rewarding. If there are aspects of your career that you would like to improve upon, or if you would like to change careers entirely, career counseling with Dr. Busse can help you to do so. Through career coaching with Wilfried Dr. Busse, you can:


  • Assess where you are in your career
  • Uncover your personal and professional values
  • Identify skills
  • Identify needs and wants from a career
  • Develop a clear vision for your career
  • Set long and short terms goals
  • Learn how to navigate career changes
  • Learn how to make a concrete career plan and begin working toward your goals
  • Take various career interest inventories. These are psychometrically valid tests that assess one's interests in various careers and are interpreted with the help of a counselor

Honestly assessing where you are professionally and where you truly want to go is the most important step in professional fulfillment. The opportunity to discuss your career path, its challenges, and its possibilities with a well-respected therapist like Dr. Busse is one that is certain to serve you well. There are many paths to career development, and counseling is easily one of the most effective. Schedule your free initial appointment for career planning and counseling with Dr. Wilfried Busse in the Washington, D.C. area today.





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