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Conflict Resolution Counseling in Bethesda, MD

Child Relationship Counseling and Family Mediation Services in Washington, DC

Conflict resolution counseling is a specialty of Dr. Wilfried Busse. Dr. Busse knows that conflicts arise within the family unit for countless different reasons, and conflicts that are not resolved can fester and exacerbate the situation over time. As a respected psychologist with almost two decades of experience, Dr. Busse can help those involved get to the core of what is causing conflict in their lives. His experiences with relationship counseling and family mediation provide a basis for those who are open to working with a well-respected mental health professional.


Conflict, in whatever form it takes, can take a toll on individuals and families with each passing day. It isn't always easy to address the issues at hand on our own, which is why the choice of seeking conflict resolution counseling can be so rewarding and beneficial. Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D is a noted psychotherapist with experience in:


  • Family mediation
  • Pre-divorce counseling
  • Child counseling
  • And more

Dr. Busse can help you to address issues that are causing conflict head-on in a safe and comfortable environment. Here you will be heard, and you will also take the opportunity to listen and learn. Through the respectful exchange of feelings we can learn to work through conflict and get to a place of resolution. No conflict is too large or difficult to resolve. If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, please call today to schedule your free initial consultation and start to resolve the conflicts that are bogging down your life.

Life needn't be about conflict, and working with a proven psychotherapist can help to alleviate such sadness, frustration and negativity once and for all. Whether or not you have ever considered the possibility of relationship counseling as a means of resolving conflict, the opportunity is here to do so. Dr. Wilfried Busse believes there is always a path to growth and resolution. Heal yourself and your relationships starting today by scheduling your free initial appointment if you live in or around the Washington, D.C. area.





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