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Executive Coaching in Bethesda, MD

Counseling and Leadership Development for Washington, DC Executives

Executive coaching opportunities in the Washington, D.C. area are not limited to corporate settings. Dr. Wilfried Busse offers coaching for executives who are interested in learning how to communicate better with their employees, clients and peers. Working on leadership development issues in a counseling setting represents a rare opportunity for business executives to escape the pressures of the corporate world and work on their issues in a positive and compassionate environment. Dr. Busse is an experienced therapist and has been in practice for nearly two decades. He understands the difference communication skills training can make in the life of an executive, and will work with you on any detrimental issues in your work life. As a business executive, you have a responsibility to carry and conduct yourself in a certain way. Dr. Wilfried Busse can help you improve in this area of your life, and invites you to schedule your free consultation today.

Are you as effective a business executive as you would like to be? If the answer is no and you are receptive to the idea of counseling in the Washington, D.C. area, then executive coaching with Dr. Busse may be a viable option for you.


Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D approaches executive coaching from a place of practical experience, as prior to his career as a therapist he served for six years as a Project Manager for a steel construction and fabrication firm. His duties included meeting with architects, contractors, managing engineers, draftsmen and other personnel, and this role gave him insight into the challenges that executives face each and every day. Through counseling sessions with Dr. Busse, you can:

  • Improve your communication and leadership skills
  • Learn how to effectively motivate others
  • Deal with conflict more efficiently
  • Become a better listener

Individual and group sessions are available, as is a free initial consultation either in person or over the phone.

The responsibilities that come with a leadership position can be stressful, and that stress can adversely affect your job performance. By taking the time to develop the skills you will require to lead those in your charge, you can focus more clearly and effectively on the job at hand. Dr. Wilfried Busse has helped many executives who were open to the idea of coaching and improving upon the skills they needed to thrive professionally.

Take an exciting and proactive step to becoming a better leader, communicator and executive by signing up for executive coaching sessions with Dr. Busse. Get the process started by scheduling your free initial consultation today.






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