Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling in Bethesda, MD

Grow closer than ever with marriage counseling for Washington D.C. couples. Improve your communication skills and reignite old flames.

Relationships go through natural ebb and flow over the years. Individuals change over time and, as a result, the relationship changes, too. The goal is to grow and evolve with your spouse, but often couples recognize there are significant roadblocks standing between them and their ideal marriage. Dr. Wilfried Busse’s marriage counseling considers all aspects of your relationship; psychological, biological, social, or even spiritual factors could be the key to reconnecting with your spouse and rekindling that deep connection you once shared.

Couples’ therapy is a great way to learn the skills you need to improve your marriage. We identify barriers to effective communication such as those identified in John Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling are counterproductive in a relationship, but they can be overcome with the right guidance.

Gary Chapman’s five love languages are also an important factor in Dr. Busse’s marriage counseling sessions. This theory will help you identify which aspects of the relationship are most important to you – and to your partner – so you can tailor future interactions with each other accordingly. You will learn more about:

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Acts of service
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch

Marriage counseling Washington D.C.Couples who receive marriage counseling from Dr. Busse often report significant results after only a few sessions. His caring, integrative approach truly allows him to understand your current situation as well as the implications it has on your relationship. Once you are able to change the script in your marriage, you will be better equipped to handle future conflict in a productive way.

It has been said that marriage is simply the coming together of two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. Don’t let minor setbacks compromise everything you have worked for. Develop a communication toolkit that will enhance your relationship and build better futures. Click or call today to start the journey toward a healthy marriage.





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