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Other Therapies Offered in Washington, DC

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Assertiveness Training, Life Coaching, and More

 Assertiveness Training
Are you in need of assertiveness training in order to feel more confident, relaxed and heard by those around you? Psychologist Dr. Wilfried Busse has worked with those who suffer from a lack of assertiveness in their personal and professional live.  Read More →

 Career Counseling
Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D. offers career counseling for those who desire a career they feel passionately about. Career planning via counseling may be a new concept to you, but it has proven to be a very effective tool for those interested in professional development.  Read More →

 Christian Counseling
Our Bethesda office is uniquely qualified to offer Christian counseling and spiritual guidance. Many traditional therapies ignore the role that spirituality and religion play in our everyday lives. For Christians, this means ignoring the connection they have to God and His influence in their day-to-day lives. For many people, their spirituality is closely linked to their ethics and sense of purpose. Read More →

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
The cognitive behavioral therapy methods used by Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D. can be used to help clients address spiritual issues. A licensed psychologist of over 20 years, Dr. Busse also has a Masters Degree in Religion. Spiritual matters are connected to and interwoven with the psychological well-being of clients. Read More →

 Communication Skills Training
Dr. Wilfried Busse offers communications skills training for those who are interested in learning how to communicate better on a personal and/or professional level. Read More →

 Conflict Resolution Counseling
Conflict resolution counseling is a specialty of Dr. Wilfried Busse, Ph.D. Dr. Busse knows that conflicts arise in families for a great many reasons, and that left unresolved these conflicts can grow and grow.  Read More →

 Couples Counseling
Are you and your significant other experiencing issues that are adversely affecting or threatening your relationship? If so, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many couples experience bumps in the road, but choose to ignore these issues instead of seeking the counseling they need. Read More →

 Dating Counseling
It’s very common for couples to experience a few bumps in the road, even early in the relationship. Just because a couple is still in the “dating phase” doesn’t mean there won’t be a few snags, and just because there are a few snags that doesn’t mean the two are incompatible or the relationship is doomed to fail. Read More →

 Diagnostic Assessment
Psychotherapist Dr. Wilfried Busse performs diagnostic assessment on patients in order to diagnose mental disorders and begin treating those patients accordingly. Dr. Busse is a highly-respected provider of mental health counseling in the Washington, D.C. area, and uses using... Read More →

 Executive Coaching
Executive coaching opportunities are not limited to corporate settings. Dr. Wilfried Busse offers coaching for executives who are interested in learning how to communicate better with their employees, clients and their peers.  Read More →

 Group Therapy
Inclusion within a group therapy setting in Washington, DC is one of the best and most effective mechanisms for achieving openness and awareness. In group therapy, participants are not privy to some of the finer details in your life and can remain neutral and open to giving honest feedback Read More →

 Family Counseling
Just like individual people, family units grow and change over time. Connecting on a deeper level during these times of adjustment can help the relationships within the family grow and thrive, even in rough times. However, even the most tight-knit family may need some external guidance from time to time. Family counseling aims to promote deeper understanding among family members in order to solve underlying issues.  Read More →

 Life Coaching
If you are interested in life coaching as a way of improving the quality of your life, you are invited to seek it at the office of Dr. Wilfried Busse. Dr. Busse is an experienced and respected therapist who can help clients on a number of levels.  Read More →

 Marriage Counseling
Relationships go through natural ebb and flow over the years. Individuals change over time and, as a result, the relationship changes, too. The goal is to grow and evolve with your spouse, but often couples recognize there are significant roadblocks standing between them and their ideal marriage. Read More →

Premarital Counseling Premarital Counseling
Premarital counseling is a great way for couples throughout Washington D.C. to strengthen their relationships in preparation for married life.  Read More →

 Men’s counseling
Men’s counseling services and the value they can bring to any life are often passed over by men who have misconceptions about what counseling truly entails. Dr. Wilfried Busse has been counseling men for decades, and offers men a stress-free place to open up and explore the issues... Read More →





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